Asus Router Not Working? Try these Hacks & Make it Working!

Asus router is the best networking device that anyone can consider. It aims to provide the best WiFi and internet-surfing experiences you have ever had with these comprehensive features. New features are consistently being added to the Asus router. If you have not performed the Asus router setup process properly using www. IP or the wires you are using for the connection of your Asus router and internet modem are faulty, your device (the Asus router) is not going to work properly for sure. Therefore, you need to check all the factors for finding the cause behind the Asus router not working issue. Hence, stick to this 5-minute read and give the fixes outlined underneath a try!

Fix Asus Router Not Working Problem

Here are the fixes that will help you fix Asus router not working issue in a matter of minutes.

Fix 1: Check the Cable Connecting Your Asus Router and Internet Modem

Loose or improper wired connections between your Asus router and internet modem can be one of the most possible reasons why the device in discussion is not working. No worries! For this, simply have a quick look on all the cable connections. If you find any cable connecting the devices is loose, then consider fixing it right away. How? By disconnecting them and reconnecting them again firmly.

Also, make sure that the cable you are using for connecting them is in working condition. If you find the cable damaged, replace it instead of using it.

Fix 2: Check the Router’s Power Supply

Use of damaged wall outlet and insufficient power supply to the router is enough for making it non-working. So, make sure that the power outlet to which your Asus router is plugged in is giving it a sufficient and fluctuation-free power supply.

Fix 3: Update Asus Router Firmware

The firmware of your Asus router, if not updated timely, can also be a cause for the Asus router not working issue. Always remember that a firmware update process is the utmost component for the proper working of your Asus device. And, in case you get the update as per the Asus router model you have, you may give it a performance boost.

What is firmware?

Firmware updates are known for fixing various bugs and bring additional features to your Asus device. So, to get the firmware of your router updated, simply navigate to the firmware update page of your device by using admin credentials.

Fix 4: Change Asus Router Location

You may encounter the Asus router not working issue if the location chosen by you to place it is incorrect. To fix the issue and to make the most out of your Asus router, relocate it right away.

Apart from that, you must ensure that your Asus router is not placed away from the reach of your internet modem. In fact, they both (your modem and router) must be placed at a safe distance (closer), open, higher, and well-ventilated place.

Solution 5: Reset and Setup Your Asus Router

Last but not least, your Asus router may create issues for you if you have not configured in an accurate manner. Need not to worry! The only solution to the issue is to reset your Asus router to the default settings by pressing and holding the reset button on it for 10 seconds and releasing it (the reset hole) after that. But, make sure to disconnect your Asus router and internet modem prior to executing the factory reset process.

Once you are all done with the Asus router reset process, consider configuring it from scratch. However, this time make sure that you use the proper Asus router setup process for making your device up and running smoothly forever.

The last Words

Here’s to hope that reading these fixes will help you troubleshoot Asus router not working issue. In case you are not fortunate enough to get rid of the same issue even after trying troubleshooting tips outlined above, worry not! Simply restart your Asus router and your internet modem once. Doing so will somehow fix the issue for you. And, if in future, you get encountered with the same issue again, we suggest you bookmark this article so that you can get immediate assistance in a snap.