qPCR Service

Customized qPCR Service for Your Research Needs

Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) is an ideal technique for gene expression analysis and determining copy numbers. qPCR offers quantitative data by amplifying the nucleic acid of interest and monitoring its fluorescence signal in real-time. Bioanalytical laboratories often offer qPCR services with other solutions such as DDPCR service or digital PCR service, LC-MS assays, ligand binding assays such as Meso Scale Discovery assays, etc.

qPCR services are crucial for the absolute and relative quantification of nucleic acids. This approach helps researchers identify the quantitative differences in the expression levels of biomarkers and drug targets. Often, qPCR service providers offer a robust platform to support drug discovery and development projects with cellular and animal models as well as customer study sample analysis. Let us dive into customized qPCR services to fulfill every research need. 

qPCR services for drug discovery and development

Contract research organizations have expertise in delivering qPCR services with a comprehensive package to offer diverse solutions for all life sciences and clinical research needs. With cutting-edge technology and deep subject expertise, contract research organizations deliver reliable and accurate results to advance drug development studies. A trusted and efficient qPCR service provider offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • qPCR services provide precise and accurate quantification of target nucleic acids, offering crucial insights into genetic variations, gene expression levels, biomarker analysis, and copy number quantification.
  • Sensitive and specific qPCR techniques allow researchers to detect targets present in low abundance and discriminate between closely related sequences. 
  • Contract research organizations are efficient in delivering qPCR services at rapid turnaround times to obtain accurate results quickly and facilitate timely interventions in research projects.
  • Most importantly, qPCR services can be tailored according to specific requirements, including target selection, data analysis, and assay development to deliver the most actionable and relevant experimental data.

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qPCR services provide solutions encompassing a broad spectrum of capabilities. Following are some examples of the applications of customized qPCR services. 

  • qPCR services help researchers measure gene expression levels and dive deep into disease mechanisms, molecular pathways, and therapeutic responses. 
  • Many laboratories have expertise in qPCR-based SNP genotyping that helps detect genetic variations associated with drug response, diseases, and population dynamics. 
  • qPCR services for microRNA analysis facilitate the assessment of gene expression regulation and its implications in disease biology.
  • qPCR assays are ideal for detecting and quantifying pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • qPCR services for validating biomarkers are crucial to enable the evaluation of potential prognostic, predictive, and diagnostic disease biomarkers.

Contract research organizations offer comprehensive qPCR solutions for biodistribution studies with a specialized approach to assess in vivo safety profiles of gene and cell therapeutics. These specialized and customized qPCR services help researchers detect and quantify therapeutic molecules in different tissues and organs. Moreover, through stringent protocols and state-of-the-art instrumentation, these laboratories ensure that a precise and accurate distribution profile is achieved for each therapeutic agent. 

Furthermore, qPCR service providers adhere to rigorous standards for ensuring the reliability and accuracy of study data. They follow best practices and established regulatory guidelines such as appropriate controls, standard operating procedures, and quality assurance measures to deliver the highest standards of quality.