Discover Your New Chapter: Houses for Rent in Darwin’s Sought-After Areas

Are you looking for affordable houses for rent in Darwin? In the greater Darwin area, the average rent for a home is currently $599, while the average rent for a unit is $465, making it extremely difficult to find inexpensive rentals.

We will walk you through Darwin’s most reasonably priced suburbs for renting in this guide and preview some of the reasonably priced homes on the market. The best part is that some of these jewels are in Darwin’s most desirable suburbs.

6 Affordable Suburbs in Darwin

Here are six significant areas with affordable houses for rent in Darwin:


People looking for affordable rented accommodation must consider Moulden, NT, an option. Moulden provides a cost-effective alternative below the broader Darwin norm, with a median rent of $500/week for houses. With its friendly neighbourhood and easy access to Darwin’s downtown, this quiet neighbourhood is ideal for families. The region is surrounded by contemporary amenities like parks, schools, and leisure centres, making it perfect for people who like an active lifestyle and lots of sunny days.


Driver is a quiet and amiable neighbourhood in Palmerston, Northern Territory. Its proximity to different services, such as shopping malls, schools, parks, and public transportation, benefits the locals. Additionally, as it lies near Palmerston’s city centre, it provides the ideal compromise for people looking for a peaceful living environment with simple access to urban facilities. The weekly typical rent for houses in Driver is $520. Driver is famous for its upscale and roomy homes, many of which have expansive yards perfect for families with kids or animals. The area is home to a warm and close-knit community that draws seniors and young people looking for a place to call home.


Gray’s median weekly rent for a house is $520. This compact but lively neighbourhood in Darwin’s northern section provides a more cost-effective living alternative, making it a desirable option for people settling in the nation’s capital. Living in Gray has the benefit of being close to various amenities. The neighbouring Palmerston Shopping Centre offers locals a variety of shops, eateries and cafés to check out. Getting around and experiencing the rest of Darwin is simple because of the area’s well-maintained public transport.


Bakewell generally has a l rent of $530/week for houses. Bakewell, a vibrant neighbourhood in Palmerston, Northern Territory, is a great place for families or anybody looking for tranquil, contemporary living with easy access to the city. The residents of Bakewell have access to a sizeable shopping centre in this neighbourhood that offers a wide range of retail and dining options, convenience, and entertainment. Bakewell will appeal to families with children because it is home to several excellent schools, including Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Bakewell Primary School and Palmerston Senior College.


Karama has a rent of $550/week for houses. Karama, a family-friendly and reasonably priced suburb in Darwin’s northern suburbs, is noted for its serene ambience and scenic surroundings. This area cultivates a strong feeling of community by holding various events and activities all year, resulting in a lively and interesting environment for its residents. The neighbourhood is well-served with neighbourhood conveniences, such as Karama Shopping Plaza, which houses a supermarket, post office, pharmacy, and several speciality shops to make life easier and more convenient for locals.


In Tiwi, houses come at a rent of $560 per week. Tiwi is a suburb of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It is located around 11 kilometres north of Darwin City’s core and has a population of about 3,500. Living in Tiwi has the benefit of being close to many conveniences, including the Casuarina Square Shopping Centre and the Royal Darwin Hospital. Tiwi, this way, becomes the perfect location for seniors, businesspeople, and families looking for easy access to necessities. In addition, Tiwi has a lot of parks and green areas, like Tiwi Gardens, which give locals options for outdoor enjoyment.

Renting a house or getting a 2-bedroom apartment in Darwin could be costly compared to other Australian towns. It is also important to remember that the Northern Territory normally has a higher overall cost of living than other parts of the nation. Even if it could seem pricey, it all depends on how expensive the area’s standard of living is.