My Netgear Extender Won’t Stay Connected to Router. Help!

An unstable connection between a Netgear range extender and the main router has been a concern for many since years. Some users give up whereas some like you search for a reliable solution to get the problem fixed. In this post, you will not only learn why your Netgear extender won’t stay connected to router but will also become familiar with the relevant troubleshooting technique.

But, before all that, you are suggested to equip your WiFi range extender with the latest firmware version by accessing the mywifiext portal. For your information, accessing the extender’s portal is not difficult, but uploading the correct firmware file on the extender is. Thus, be sure to download the correct firmware file as per the extender’s model number. Keep reading.

Updating Netgear Extender to Resolve Connectivity Issue

  • Download the Firmware File: Load an internet browser on a device connected to the Netgear_ext network and visit the Netgear download center. From there, choose the model number of your range extender and download its latest stable version. You might need to unzip the firmware file. So, do the needful.
  • Log in to the Extender: After you’re done downloading the extender’s firmware file, consider accessing the extender’s login portal and look for the Firmware Update option under the Maintenance section. Upload the firmware file when asked for and let the process get completed.

Resolving: Netgear Extender Won’t Stay Connected to Router

If you are on this section, then we are assuming that the issue has not been resolved yet. Jotted down here are the easy solutions that can be followed if the firmware update failed to help you out.

  • Reduce the Extender-Router Gap: Try by reducing the distance separating your Netgear extender and the main router. There are times when the devices fail to communicate due to a large distance between them. However, while reducing the distance you need to pay attention that you are not decimating it. Otherwise, the problems are likely to get increased instead of getting resolved. Wondering why? Well the signals emitted by both devices will clash in both cases.
  • Get the LAN Cable Replaced: Have you established a wired connection between your Netgear extender and the main router? If yes, then the reason behind the problem might be the cable connecting your devices. Perhaps, it has become damaged due to which it is not in the condition to provide an internet connection to your wireless clients. Thus, you are suggested to get the cable replaced.

Note: Replacing the Ethernet cable won’t be of any help if the cable is not perfectly connected to the correct ports of your devices. Plus, the LAN jacks are also supposed to be working.

  • Restart the Extender: Getting rid of technical glitches is also recommended if your Netgear extender won’t stay connected to the router. For this, you should restart the range extender. The process is not that difficult. Just power down the extender. Wait for a few moments and power it up again. Lastly, check back if the Netgear extender is still facing problems staying connected to the main router. You can also reboot your router if the IP address becomes inaccessible for you.
  • Get Signal Interference Removed: There are times when the internet connectivity problems are outcomes of signal interference.  Maybe you have also placed your extender in a space where it is prone to signal interference. Perhaps, near a television or a microwave oven. If yes, you should get it relocated right away. Apart from this, your Netgear extender must be placed away from other devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies and objects that contain a large amount of water.

Summing Up

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear extender won’t stay connected to the router and let you access the internet in peace. We are hopeful that after you give a shot at the aforementioned techniques, you will be able to resolve this connectivity problem. Just in case the problem is not letting you change the fate, you are left with the finest as well as the last hack to get everything back on the track. Just find and press the extender’s Reset button. You are supposed to hold the button for 15 seconds. After the reset process, do not forget to set up the extender again.