outdoor space with an impressive vertical garden

Transform your outdoor space with impressive vertical garden

After moving to your new home, you wanted to have a small garden. However, because of the space crunch, materialising this wish seems difficult. Your fondness for gardening needs some exposure, and creating a vertical garden is a good idea.

Now, space limitations cannot prevent you from having your own beautiful green corner. You can have your favourite herbs and flowering plants in your small vertical garden. The area will look clutter-free and organised since no horizontal space will be occupied.

One thing is that you cannot grow heavy plants, only ornamental ones and some herbs. Be creative to allocate space to those loving flowering plants of yours. Time-to-time care and maintenance are a must so that the plants bloom to give you a happy feeling.

You can set up this sort of garden on your small balcony. It would require you to make some provisions that will cost a little more than the usual setting up of a horizontal garden. However, do not feel anxious if your bank account has insufficient money.

Getting fast credit loans is possible in your case to make up for the purchase amount of the necessary items. Be prepared for repayment before thinking about using loans for this purpose. Once the finance aspect is set, you can move ahead and get involved in the creation process of the garden.

Create a stunning vertical garden at your home

Obviously, you cannot have an elaborate garden like you had in the past. Having a vertical one is better than not having one as it is going to give you the same feel. Such an arrangement is about making use of the unused vertical area of your balcony or anywhere else (where you want to have it).

Hanging baskets, interesting planters and hanging arrangements are some of the primary essentials apart from the type of plants or herbs you want to grow. Vertical support is necessary to create this type of garden in your living space.

Different ways you can build a garden vertically

You cannot create this form of garden in limited ways by blaming the space crunch issue. You will need a vertically suspended panel to hang your growing plants. It could be a freestanding one or hanging from the wall directly.

The floor space will be free, and you can use it for seating arrangements. Therefore, despite having limited space, you can utilise it in a dual manner. You can use the below ideas to build your own vertical garden.

Create a living wall – Choose the wall that you want to convert into your vertical garden. Have climbing plants to hang over the place and it will look no less than a bushy garden area.

Opt for climbers – If you do not want to put in a lot of effort, go for climbers. They will make their way and hide your wall by giving an ultimate greenery experience. You can use climbers like jasmine or ivy as they grow very fast.

Build a pallet garden space vertically – Yes, you can make the most out of your DIY pallets to explore your gardening skills. It can help you create a statement garden area in your living space. You can use a combination of trailing plants and flowers. The flowers can make the place fragrant and rejuvenating for you.

Make upcycled garden corner – You do not need to buy exclusive and pricey planters. You can personalise your own by repurposing some of the old and worn-out things in your home. Just upcycle their appearance by giving them the shape of a planter, and you are good to go. To add a pop of colour, do not forget to paint them with your favourite shades. Maybe it looks raw, but it will have a personal touch to it.

Grow an edible garden – Beautify and create a small sack-like structure to grow edibles. They must resemble small pockets containing plants that are easy to harvest and maintain. A prior experience in growing plants in small containers can be an additional advantage for you at the time of creating a vertical garden.

Take advantage of the ceiling – You can use the ceiling to hang plants. This lets you enjoy a lot of green views even when you have less space available for such ventures. You will have enough floor space available to walk around and take pleasure in gardening in your small apartment at the same time.

Use a ladder or repurpose an old one – If you do not want to go out of the way for such creation, you can build a vertical garden using a ladder. It can be a new and customised one to your necessities. On the other hand, it can be an old one sitting idle in the store room. This is the best way to build a garden when living in a rented apartment vertically.

Install floating shelves – You must have seen many uses of floating shelves while decorating the home interior. The surprising thing is that you install the same to create a vertical garden. Once they are installed, place the planters with your favourite plants.

Grow trellis – If you have a small backyard space that you want to utilise for this purpose, you can grow trailing plants or flowering vines. Provide a support structure following which the plants will grow. They can make that dull space the most dramatic and eye-soothing.

Take care of your vertical garden

You must pay attention to the amount of light your plants are receiving. If you have created the vertical just for a keepsake, forget about seeing it survive, as it also needs care and maintenance.

You do not have to do extreme things to make sure they survive. Some small but effective steps, like watering them from time to time, would be enough to help them grow. Choose the growing medium carefully, as it will be holding water and nutrients for your plants.

The bottom line

There are limitless ways you can build a small vertical garden even when the available space is restricted.

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