Setek WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Starlink Router. Help!

Are you having issues connecting your Setek WiFi extender to Starlink router? Not being able to do Setek setup because of the annoying issue? If your answer to both the questions is yes, then worry not. We have got you covered! In this article, you will get all the possible fixes that will help you connect Setek WiFi extender to Starlink router in a snap. Given that, continue reading!

Unable to Connect Setek WiFi Extender and Startlink Router [Fixed]

Here are the topmost fixes that will help you connect your Setek WiFi extender and the Starlink router without hindrance:

Restart Your Devices

Perhaps, your Setek extender and Starlink router are prone to technical glitches. To keep such glitches at bay from your devices, it is suggested to restart them once.

The instructions to restart your devices are just below. Scroll down a little!

Step 1: Unplug your Setek extender and Startlink router both and turn them off.

Step 2: Wait for 5-10 minutes before plugging them back in again.

Step 3: Plug in back your devices one-by-one. It is suggested to turn on your Starlink router and then your Setek WiFi extender.

Step 4: Upon plugging in your devices, the power LED present on them will start blinking rapidly. Wait for a few seconds till the devices power LED get stable.

The power LED on your Setek WiFi extender and Starlink router might take a longer time usual to get stable. So, have patience and DO NOT power cycle/ restart your devices again.

After seeing a stable power LED on them, take an Ethernet cable and try connecting them using a wired source.

Check the Ethernet Cable and Connection

If you are still having issues connecting the devices in discussion using the wired source, then you must have a quick nudge at the Ethernet cable you have used. Make sure that the cable is in good and working condition and inserted properly/ firmly into the Ethernet ports of your Starlink router and Setek WiFi extender.

To check if the devices are connected or not, try logging in to Starlink router using 192.168 10.1 IP or access Setek setup page using IP.

Change the Location

You might be having issues while connecting your devices if you have placed them inside cabinet, beneath a table, behind your computer, or closer to doors, and windows. So, to make them connected in a hassle-free manner, you must place them at the center-most and well-ventilated location of your home.

Apart from this, we also suggest you keep your smart devices away from corners. Doing so will help in preventing WiFi signal interferences that are caused by neighbouring or third-party WiFi networks.

Contact Your ISP

Is your internet working fine? Check the internet speed by accessing random website. Note this down, poor internet can hamper your internet experience and also prevent your Setek WiFi extender and your Starlink router from connecting to each other. Don’t sweat over it. Call your internet service provider and ask him to make things working for you as soon as possible.

Keep Your Devices Closer

If none of the fixes listed above help you connect your Setek WiFi extender and Starlink router, then there are chances that they are placed at an excessive distance. To make them connected with ease, you are suggested to place them closer. After keeping them closer, you need to first press the WPS button on your Setek WiFi extender and within 10 seconds, press the WPS button on your Starlink router.


After applying the last step, means using the WPS method for connecting your devices, you don’t have to apply brainteaser setup instructions for configuring them. Yes, you read it right! By pressing the WPS button on them, your devices will get configured as well.

The Final Thought

We really hope that making use of the wireless (WPS) method, you are able to connect your smart WiFi devices without any hassle. If you are not, then know how to connect Setek to Startlink router by clicking on the term highlighted here. And, in case, you face the same issue again in future, then you must bookmark this article so that, whenever you need assistance for the same issue, you have the fixes at your fingertips.