Top 8 cat brands for influencer marketing

Are you over the cats of Instagram hashtags because we are not? These cute balls of fur have
taken the world by storm. People love to see these tiny creatures playing with toys, fighting among
themselves, or giving an I-don’t-care attitude. Apart from being thoroughly entertaining, these cat
videos are a great source of stress relief.
On social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, cats with millions of followers are known as
cat influencers,” or “catfluencers.” They get gifts, discounts, and money in return for promoting
goods and services. They can influence individuals since they have a sizable social media
Some cats get recognition on Instagram by serving as models for other cats with distinctive
physical features. With almost 500,000 fans, Roux, a beautiful feline, was born with no front
limbs. Despite having only one front leg, she can move about quickly thanks to her strong rear legs.
She has become an inspiration to cats and humans all over the globe.
With over 35,0000 followers, Panther, a doll-faced cat based out of the Philippines, serves as the
face of domestic and international pet companies. Numerous Puspins (Pasang Pinoy) are well-
known among cat enthusiasts in the Philippines, even though they don’t operate their own social
media profiles. They are loved and popular due to their intriguing dispositions, or their famous
parents are active social media users.
If you wish your furry friend gets the love and attention they deserve, sign up for collaborations
with popular cat brands . If you are on the hunt for such brands, do not worry; we have your back.

Top 8 cat brands looking for influencer marketing:
The market is booming, thanks to social media’s talented and gorgeous cats. The social media
pages of these furry creatures have millions of followers and even more likes and shares. The
brands can leverage this factor by collaborating with these cat influencers. We have curated a list
of 8 such brands. Have a look:

  1. Pet Fancies
    Pet Fancies is a US-based brand that makes toys, accessories, and unique products for your furry
    friends. They are actively looking for US-based catfluencers to promote their brand on social
    media platforms. To enter the program, your cat’s social media account should have a minimum of
    5000 followers. The follower list has deliberately been kept low so that micro and mini cat
    influencers can participate.
    The qualified influencer will receive $10 to $30 per Instagram post and free goodies for your furry
  2. UAH Pet
    UAH Pet is an eco-conscious brand that makes products for your feline and canine friends. The
    product quality is really good. Some of their bestsellers include hand-held fluff dryers and
    automatic cat feeders. The brand is looking for cat influencers to promote its products. Their
    requirements are as unique as their products. They are not necessarily looking for influencers with
    a lot of followers. Instead, they are interested in catfluencers who have a wider reach.
    The qualified influencers will receive a 10 percent commission on the sales made through their
    referral links. They will also receive free goodies from UAH Pet.
  3. Petly CBD
    Petly CBD is the brainchild of two animal-lover brothers. The purpose behind creating this brand
    was to ensure every cat worldwide has access to organic CBD supplements. The brand is
    interested in catfluencers with a broader reach and can educate people about CBD for cats.
    The qualified influencers will receive a 20 percent commission on sales through their referral links
    and a 30-day cookie window to make unlimited purchases. They will also receive free goodies
    from Petly CBD.
  4. Everence
    Everence makes all the cat lovers feel closer to their feline soulmates. They make customized
    tattoo stencils so that cat owners can get their cat’s faces tattooed on their bodies. It is a gesture
    that symbolizes that their cat will always be a part of their existence. They also make special
    bracelets with your cat’s DNA enclosed.
    The brand is actively looking for influencer marketing. The qualified influencers will receive a
    commission of $45 on the sales made through their referral links. Their pay-per-post fees rely on
    the number of followers and customer engagement.
  5. Did you feed the Dog?
    Do not be fooled by the name. The brand also caters to cats and all other pets . It’s a creative brand
    that makes products that let pet owners know if they have fed their pets. It also notifies the user
    about the last meal and the time it was given.
    The brand is looking for global cat ambassadors, but there is one condition. The social media
    account should have a sizable amount of US followers.
    As per their influencer program, the brand will give the selected influencer to get featured on their
    official page and pay-per-post fees. What are you waiting for if your cat’s social media profile
    meets all the requirements? Apply now.
  6. Axis Labs

Axis Labs believes that all dogs and cats worldwide should have access to quality CBD oil-based
supplements. CBD is believed to have soothing properties that help release cat stress and anxiety.
They are interested in broadening their market reach. The brand is interested in catfluencers who
have a wider reach in the US since the brand is based out of the US and can educate people about
CBD for cats.
The qualified influencers will receive a 25 percent commission on the sales made through their
referral links and a chance to get featured on their official website page and social media account.

  1. Kamba Wellness
    Kamba Wellness is another brand that makes quality CBD-based products for pets. They are
    based in the US and are interested in working with cat influencers. There is no follower
    requirement as such. So cat influencers of every size (nano, micro, mini and big) can apply for the
    program. All the Kamba ambassadors will get a 25 percent commission on personal purchases and
    15 percent on all wholesale purchases, along with free goodies for your furry companion.
  2. Chinpilla
    The last name on our list is the brand that makes comfy pillows for pets. They offer a variety of
    colors, designs, and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your cat. Chinchilla is a new name
    in the market and needs all the help it can get from influencers.
    All the qualified influencers will get special commissions and shoutouts on Chinpilla’s official
    Instagram page.
    At a glance!
    It’s time to think big for your cat. Pay attention to the trends and get your feline friend the
    recognition it deserves. Collaborate with cat brands and help them reach their target audience.