how to turn on laptop without power button

Tech Hacks: Turning on Your Laptop Without the Power Button

If you have sat on a laptop to resume your work after a long gap, then it is likely that your laptop may not work leaving you stuck on what to do next. Nothing to worry about, it is most common in most techy products as it may deteriorate over time and have issues when turning on.

When laptops or computers are use after a long gap, it is most common that the power button may not work, and is a big trouble to know how to turn on the laptop without a power button.

Leave your worries and read the post, to dig deeper into it.

To start your laptop without a power button, you can use either an external keyboard or can enable Wake on LAN for Windows.

In this guide, we will discuss more about it. Continue reading it.

How to Turn on a Laptop

Using an External Keyboard

To use an external keyboard, which is disable on a laptop by default, you need to enable the external Keyboard. Here is how

  • Enter BIOS settings by pressing the F2 button, on booting your PC, you have the option to either press the “F2” button or the “Del” key.

Once the use of an external keyboard is enable on your laptop, you can proceed with the steps on how to turn on laptop without power button,

  • First, go to “Settings” > “Start Menu”.
  • Pick the option for “Update and Security
  • Now select “Recovery”.
  • Here, you will find the option “Restart Now” > “Advanced Set Up”.
  • A new window will pop up select “Troubleshoot” > Advanced Options.
  • Now navigate to “Power Management” or “ACPI Management”.
  • Here go to “Power On By Keyboard” or “Wake on keyboard”.
  • Now use the “+” or “-” keys to enable the options.
  • Now you can pick your preferred key to power on the Laptop.
  • Finally, save and exit using the “F10” key.

Once finished, check that the settings you have changed are working.

Using Wake on LAN

Another, you can turn on your Laptop without using the Power Button by activating your LAN connections which can be done through the BIOS Settings.  Here is how to turn on a laptop without a power button.

  • Initially, you need to access the BIOS settings as discussed before.
  • Then move to the “Power Management” section to turn on the “Wake On LAN” options and save it by pressing the F10 key on your keyboard.
  • Once completed the above steps go to “Device Manager”  in Windows by tapping on the Windows key+ X key on your keyboard. 
  • You will get your “Network Adapter” and open its properties to choose the “Allow this device” tab to wake the computer options from the “Power Management” tab.
  • Now you need to turn on the “Wake on Magic” packet options under the “Advanced” tab
  • You are ready to use any router or networking app installed on other device with the same internet connection and can Turn on your Laptop using its LAN connections.

On Mac, you can enter clamshell mode to use an external keyboard or enable “Wake On Keyboard” options.


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