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What Factors: When Purchasing an LG 43-Inch Smart TV?

Located in Seoul, South Korea, LG Electronics, Inc. is a multinational electronics company. Many people believe that LG TVs are some of the best models currently available in India.

With a wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities, the LG 43-inch smart TV offers an unparalleled watching experience. If budget is a constraint, the 43-inch TV is a better option because it is less expensive than the 55-inch TV with the same features.

Even though they are different sizes, the 55-inch TV price is more than the 43-inch one, which has all the same features. Therefore, if size doesn’t matter, you can go for the 43-inch TV.

The following are some of the factors to keep in mind if you are determined on purchasing an LG 43-inch smart TV.

The price range:

LG has a large selection of TVs with 43-inch screens available. Depending on the number of advanced functions and features that a given TV offers, the cost might range from Rs 32000 to Rs 50000.

Screen resolutions:

There are two different screen resolutions available for the 43-inch smart TVs: Full HD (1920×1080) and 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160). Even though 4K Ultra HD is the new thing, even a Full HD set from today is impressive. It has graphics as clear and detailed as those in a movie theatre.

Magic remote:

LG’s Magic Remote is one of its primary selling points since it has so many helpful functions, such as a universal remote, a point-and-click interface controlled by motion, and voice commands. The Magic remote acts as a mouse pointer, eliminating the need for a Bluetooth mouse.

The Magic remote has a scrolling wheel like a mouse for browsing TV menus. It also has a Magic Link feature that shows you relevant material as you view a video.

Powerful sound for your television set:

The LG Smart TV has 20 watts of audio output power, allowing for immersive and high-quality sound using DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Audio. You will be able to lose yourself in the incredible soundscape thanks to Dolby Audio. 

It is great for watching movies, listening to music, or watching sports at home because of the tremendous bass it produces.

Stunning clarity through the dynamic high dynamic range:

Every scene may be optimised with active HDR, bringing out finer details and more vibrant colours. LG’s dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology and support for many high dynamic range (HDR) formats (including HDR10 and HLG) mean you can watch videos of any kind in beautiful HDR. You will be amazed by how well your screen shows colours and how wide the viewing angle is.

Using the smart features:

It also has Google Assistant built into AI ThinQ, which makes it a smarter choice. Now it is easier than ever to look up information fast, play your favourite programmes, and locate what you are looking for. 

Both Bluetooth surround sound and a Sports Alert feature are included in this TV. Get ready to make your living room feel like the big game. Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Hotstar are already installed, so you can get right into the action.

It also makes it easier to do more than one thing at once, since you can do things online while watching TV.

Connectivity ports are very important:

You can connect to other devices with the help of the connectivity options. Look at the back of your LG TV to find the panel with all the inputs and ports. A decent TV should include at least three HDMI inputs, an ethernet jack for a hardwired internet connection. 

At least two USB ports for playing media from external storage devices, and an optical audio out jack for older audio devices. High-quality music and video content may be transferred and streamed from many different sources, including set-top boxes and flash drives.

Elegant simplicity in design:

When you bring this LG TV into your house, your living room will seem more sophisticated because of its gorgeous presence, which will almost never go ignored. Its sleek design and thin, eye-catching bezel provide for a more enjoyable viewing experience.


The LG 43-inch TV at home has the potential to become the hub of all your various forms of home entertainment. Factors like those listed above should be at the forefront of your thoughts while shopping for an LG smart TV.

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