What is Synology Hyper Backup And How It Works?

What is Synology Hyper Backup And How It Works?

Synology NAS provides services that you can use to manage your data like files, photos and videos. There are so many features you can explore in DiskStation manager utility. One of the features that Synology provides is Hyper Backup. We know you have so many questions arising in your mind, so let’s list up those common questions.

  1. What is Synology Hyper Backup?
  2. What it is used for in DiskStation?
  3. How to use Hyper Backup?

We will answer all these questions one by one in user friendly methods. Down here, you will get the Synology Hyper Backup definition, working and how to use information in deep. So, have a look on different sections, which have same purpose to give you hyper backup information.

What is Synology Hyper Backup?

Data is an important thing in this era of world, which should be secure and has an option of backup. With this hyper backup feature you can retain your data while storage consumption is minimized with duplication.

You can easily keep your backed up data in proprietary database that can be simply accessible, downloaded, restored, and browsed.

This hyper backup gives you many features and options of data backup, LUN backup, entire Synology NAS backup, and restoration. We will discuss all of these options later in this article. Now, let’s see how hyper backup works and how you can use it.

How You Can Use Hyper Backup?

There are several parts that his section of the article. At first, we will share information how to reach the hyper backup and how to initiate the back process.

Reach At Hyper Backup

  1. You should have DiskStation manager in your computer, if you not then install it by using the find.synology.com.
  2. Enter into the DiskStation manager assistant, and find Hyper Backup tab on the dashboard.
  3. Click on it and you have to select, which back you want data backup, LUN backup, NAS backup, restoration.

Initiate Hyper Backup

  1. To initiate the backup, you have to select the destination file or folder, where you want to keep the backed up data.
  2. Then, just select backup options which are above mentioned in the first subsection.
  3. After completing the backup process, you can easily use or scroll it from the destination folder.

Different Types of Backups

Here, you will explore the working and definition of the different backups that hyper backup feature provides.

1. Data Backup

This backup type will back up data to local or remote Synology NAS device. Remote rsync, WebDav, public clouds and OpenStack servers will be backed up with the help of the Data Backup option.

2. LUN Backup

LUN helps to back up the Synology NAS device iSCSI to external storage devices and to another Synology NAS device.

3. Restoration

With hyper restoration option, backup data to remote Synology NAS device and entire system to previous backup version on local Synology NAS.

4. Entire Synology NAS Backup

You can easily back up the entire Synology NAS device, including configurations, user data, and package to remote NAS devices that have Hyper Backup vault.
You can use this Hyper Backup feature by find Synology NAS on network of your home router network.

Words of End

Here is the end of this article, which provided information about Synology Hyper Backup feature. We have shared how you can reach at this backup feature in DiskStation Manager. You have also learned what Hyper Backup is and how you can use it. There are also four backup types, which are data backup, LUN backup, entire Synology NAS backup, and restoration. All these types definition are added at the last of article.