What is WPS Button On Router And How to Use It?

What is WPS Button On Router And How to Use It?

Routers are simple to use device, with which you can connect other network devices like extender, mesh satellite, or modem. But some router models provide wireless connections with other network devices. Dlink, Netgear, TPlink and more other brands provide both the options of wired connection and wireless connection with the help of the WPS button.

Here we will only discuss about the connection of extender to router device with wireless option. You can easily use WPS button on router that is provided to connect other WPS networking device like extender or booster. At first, we will explain you what a WPS and WPS button is. Then we will share the process how you can use this WPS button to make a wireless connection. Let’s get started without any delay.

What is WPS And WPS Button?

The full name of the WPS is WiFi protected setup. This option is given into the network devices like routers, extenders, boosters, mesh systems and router modems. Even internet devices like phones or laptop have this WPS option so that the device can connect with each other.

On the WiFi routers WPS used to connect the other network device like modems and extender. It is a simple to do connection without using any wire. But you will not get the WPS button faculty in some WIFi router devices.

So, this is the simple definition of what is WPS button on router. Now, let’s see how you can use it to establish a connection between your WiFi router and new extender with the help of the WPS button.

How to Use WPS Button On Router?

You can easily use the WPS (WiFi protected setup) to make a link between your router and range extender. Just follow some of the easy steps to connect the extender to router.

Connect Links with WPS Button

  1. You have to turn on your router and extender devices to start the WPS connection process.
  2. To start the router, connect its power cord to a wall socket and press the power button.
  3. To turn on the extender, just plug it into an electric socket that is near to the router and hit its power button.
  4. Now, press the router’s WPS button first and then hit the extender WPS button to connect them together.
  5. Both the device will automatically connect to each other. But you have to update your extender settings to complete the link.

Access Interface Update Settings

You have to access the interface of the extender to update its settings and networks. it is simple to do, just connect your computer to the network device and enter the login URL or IP address in to the web browser, and then search it.

If you have a Dlink router then try dlinkrouter local or if you have Netgear router then use routerlogin.net. If you have some other brand router, then find the login URL in the user manual.

Reach the interface login page and enter the credentials like username and password. Then simply click on the NEXT button and get the access to the interface dashboard. Now, you can update the settings and networks of the extender.

The Ending Paragraph

We have reached at the end of this article that explained you, what WPS button on router is and how you can use it to connect router and extender. We have also shared the whole process to complete the range extender to WiFi router devices link by updating the settings and networks. We are hoping that you have get full information about the WPS, WPS button, its working and usage from this article.